09+ Ram header/exhaust package

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This is a complete and installed exhaust package for your Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi. This system adds roughly 35hp and 30tq to the rear tires!

We start off by Removing the extremely restrictive, factory cast exhaust manifolds and replace them with fully stainless 1-3/4" long tube headers from Kooks. we couple this with a high flow y-pipe which is designed to mate with a factory style cat-back. Kooks parts are completely hand made, in America, from high quality stainless steel and will likely outlast your vehicle.

The factory exhaust system that comes on the Ram 1500 is built out of high quality 409 stainless steel and offers very appealing tips on the trucks with the split rear exit option. Instead of replacing the entire exhaust system, we opt to install Mufflex Performance muffler systems. These systems replace the restrictive muffler that the Ram comes with from the factory. They are offered in different levels of sound from "mellow" to "very aggressive".

Installation typically take 1 day. Customers can expect completed vehicle pickup the day after dropoff. This gives us the proper amount of time to install, test, and do quality control overview on your package. This vehicle includes a FREE check engine light removal associated with header installations.

There are many upgrades that can be added onto this particular package. Including;

  • 1-7/8" upgrade ( big cube/nitrous/supercharged trucks)
  • high flow catalytic converters (for on-road use)
  • 5" tip upgrade
  • custom tuning

Please contact us to discuss your build and we can tailor the package to your specific needs.