99-06 GM Truck/SUV "Tire Killer" Package

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Tuned By Norm "Tire Killer" package for 99-06 GM half ton Truck/SUV. 


If you're looking to drastically improve the acceleration rate of your GM Truck or SUV; look no further. We do gear and converter installs on a regular basis here and have decided to build a package that provides the proper parts and proper calibration to get your vehicle in and out in a timely manner while drastically improving the performance. 

At at the heart of this package is the HP series 3200 stall converter from Circle D specialties. This converter alows higher flashing of the RPM's for greater "out the hole" performance though is mild enough to drive like stock. 

Moving back to the rear axle we provide a 4.11:1 gearset from our friends at Yukon Gear and Axle along with their premium bearing kit. Yukons gear sets are among the best in the industry. Couple that with our professional installation and setup and you can be confident in low gear noise and years of reliability. 

We are a direct dealer for Amsoil fluids and use their synthetic based products for all of our converter and gear installation. 

You will also be provided with a proper ECM calibration for proper operation of torque converter functions, transmission shifting and lockup, speedo calibration, and engine power improvements. Before and after printouts of horsepower and torque will be provided. 


*prices, stall speed, gear ratio, Etc. are subject to change depending on current and future modification level of the vehicle provided. Claims are based on performance of a stock vehicle.*