Viking Crusader Rear 08+ Dodge car

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B383 Variants Crusader D/A 0-2” lowered 08+ Dodge Car rear shock. Price is per shock! You will need to order 2 to complete the rear of the vehicle.

Stock mounting location 

19 compression adjustments 

22 rebound adjustments

fits factory height to 2” lowering on rear


Select Shock level from the drop down menu:

SP - "Street Performance" Warrior valving for adjustable street performance

CR - "Cruise" Soft Crusader valving for most comfort

DL - "Drag Low" drag racing application for under 600hp or Big Tire

DH - "Drag High" drag racing application for over 600hp or Small tire/Drag Radial

PT - "Pro Touring" Firm Crusader valving for autocross and road course