About us

Tuned By Norm, LLC and TBN Motorsports has been serving South Louisiana and its' surrounding areas since 2016 in the pursuit of Horsepower and speed!

Now located at 308 Technology Ln. in Gray, LA; Tuned By Norm offers a 1st class showroom and retail storefront for customers along with a state of the art Dyno bay and shop space of roughly 10,000 square feet, giving us the ability to tackle installation services on every product we sell and offer the correct advice to save you money and time. We have extensive knowledge on aftermarket part sales, installation, and calibration. Over the years, We have had our hand in building and tuning literally hundreds of cars and trucks while building solid relationships with other owners, techs, fabricators, and calibrators. This allows a wide range of possibilities and abilities in order to make even the most extreme of projects come to fruition.

We aspire to build an ace team for you to work with at Tuned By Norm in order to put the right people in the right positions. This will give the customer a seamless build process in order to save money (do it right the first time) and have them back in their car in as quick of a time as possible (proper planning). While others can offer you bottom dollar pricing on inferior products, we look to build the proper package that fits your needs and will omit you from spending extra money or downtime down the road. We know what works, we are glad to point you in the right direction, and we look forward to doing business with you at Tuned By Norm!