In house tuning with Mustang Dynamometer! The wide, dual roller, MD-250 give us accurate horsepower measurement of 1500+ horsepower and 175+ mph capabilities while being able to absorb 900rwhp in real world loading. This gives us the opportunity to place high level of accuracy into our calibration while simulating an actual road environment. The wide track width also allows us to run wider vehicles such as large dual wheel trucks.

And! Coming soon to our Gray, LA location! DynoJet 424xLC2 Linx. Stay Tuned!

Remote Tuning: contact for information

Dyno Rental: $125/hr

Dyno Tuning (stock and lightly modified): Starts at $500

Dyno Tuning (forced induction, nitrous): Starts at $600

Standalone ECM/TCM: Starts at $125/hr (5hr Minimum)

-extra charge for multiple maps  

-all tuning requires a $200 deposit in order to hold your spot on the calendar This Deposit is for tuning only and does not include deposits for associated parts needed.

We currently offer custom tuning for GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. We mainly use HP Tuners but are also well versed in many standalone applications. We also offer custom tuning to end devices such as the HP Tuners nGauge for Ford and GM applications and Select Edge tuning devices for GM vehicles. We can assist with datalog critiquing and also offer remote tuning services on certain vehicles.


Vehicles older than 2008 and/or more than 100k miles must be inspected before we agree to tuning.

We want your dyno tuning experience to go as smoothly as possible for your vehicle. Our Tuning Deposit is non-refundable and covers us for lost time on canceled appointments and in the case that vehicles are not mechanically ready to be tuned.

A 100% mechanically sound vehicle is YOUR responsibility before scheduling your tuning appointment. See checklist below for a successful dyno tuning experience.

-100% mechanically sound vehicle 

-Full tank of premium fuel (or fuel you will be running full time)

-no fluid leaks!

-no vacuum leaks! (this includes a correctly plumbed PCV system for your application)

-no exhaust leaks!

-fresh engine oil

-proper oil pressure

-operable and good condition upstream O2 sensors with at least 24" of good piping downstream of them

-good spark plugs and proper heat range and gap for your application

-good spark plug wires and/or coil packs

-operable and quality fuel system; with injectors that we approve of. (ex. fittings, hoses, pump, injectors, rails, cell all in perfect working order)

-good battery (this includes all wiring and alternator to be in perfect condition. We can not properly calibrate a vehicle with poor battery voltage.)

-tires suitable for dyno and road use (radials suggested as slicks will get eaten up rapidly on dyno rollers)

-good brakes front and rear (if vehicle is unsafe for street use, it is unsafe for dyno use)

-if vehicle is to be street driven, it needs to have all proper legal markings including license plate, registrations, insurance, and brake tag. 

These are just a few of the mistakes commonly seen when vehicles come in for Dyno Tuning appointments. We reserve the right to refuse dyno use on any vehicle we deem unfit for safe use of our equipment.

if you have any other questions or inquiries about tuning services, please fill out the contact boxes below along with a brief message. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.